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CEO- European Tool Committee

The European Tool Committee CEO is the association of and for the European tool manufacturers, covering hand tools, tools for woodworking, saws for metalworking, construction tools and fixings.

Eumabois – European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers

Promotes the European woodworking machinery Industry and its development in the fields of economy, technology and science.

European Diamond University

Organisation set up in 2010 to promote and consolidate expertise and know-how of European sawing, drilling and grinding.

FEPA – European Abrasives Body

FEPA is an association of European manufacturers of abrasive products and their Trade Associations and members include the largest abrasive companies in the world.

Organisation for the safety of abrasives –oSA

Leading producers of high-grade abrasive products have come together in this international organization to document the high safety standards of their branded and quality products.

International Committee for Abrasive Technology

Founded in Hong Kong in 2002. Website gives little information apart from members list not updated since 2009.

ISO- International Standards Organisation

Leading international standards body globally and also covers abrasives and their uses.


FMMI – The Association of Austrian Machinery and Metalware Industries

One of Austria’s largest business organisation covering mechanical engineering, construction, steel and metal products.

FSKI-Fachverband der Stein un keramischen Industrie

Represents construction and ceramic manufacturers.

Czech Republic

SVDSZ - Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Association

Set up in 1991 to promote the Czech producers of woodworking machinery.


China Abrasives Association

Set up in 1981 to promote Chinese abrasives industry globally.


SMT - The Association of Danish Manufacturers of Machines for the Wood Industry

Supports the furniture and related equipment manufacturers


Teknologiateollisuus - The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries

Aims to promote manufacturing industries globally


SNAS - Syndicat National des Abrasifs et Superabrasifs

French industry body for abrasives of all types.

SYMOP - Syndicat des entreprises de technologies de production

Promotes manufacturing industry in France and supports its members.

Syndicat National des Abrasifs et Super Abrasifs

Represents the abrasives industry in France


VDMA - Fachverband Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen

German Engineering Federation is a network of around 3,000 engineering industry companies in Europe.

VDS - Verband Deutscher Schleifmittelwerke

Association of German Abrasives manufacturers one of the largest national associations in the European abrasives industry.


Industrial Diamond Association of India

Founded in July 1972 to promote the use of Diamond Tools in various industries.


ACIMAC - Asssociazione Costruttori Italiani Macchine Attrezzature per Ceramica

Association that represents Italian cermanic machinery makers.

ACIMALL - Associazione Costruttori Italiani Macchine per la Lavorazioone del Legno

Association that represents Italian manufacturers of technology, automation, machinery, tools, and accessories for processing wood and wood-based products.

Federichemica -Federazione nazionale dell'industria chimica Gruppo abrasivi

Italian body representing the abrasives industry.


Industrial Diamond Association of Japan

Representing diamond suppliers and tooling manufacturers in Japan.

Japan Society for Abrasive Technology

Body devoted to promoting Japanese abrasive technology


DROMA - Stowarszyszenie producentow maszyn urzadzen I narzedzi do obrobki drewna

Association of Manufacturers of Woodworking machinery, equipment and tools in Poland.


AIMMAP - Association of Industriais Metalurgicos, Metalomecanicos, e Alfins de Portugal

Industrial association supporting manufacturing industry.


DREVMASH - Association of the organisations and the enterprises of woodworking machine – building

Russian organisation supporting the woodworking machinery industry.

Slovak Republic

ZSDSR - Zvaz Spracovatel Ov Dreva Slovenskej Republiky

Association of Wood Processors


AFEMMA - Asociacion De Fabricantes Espanoles De Maquinaria, Equipos Y Productos Para La Madera

Representing woodworking industry in Spain

AFM - Machine Tool Association of Spain

Representing Spanish machine tool industry

ANFA- Asociacion Nacional de Fabricantos Abrasivos

Founded in 1977, this Spanish body represent abrasive manufacturers.


SSDL - Swedish Association of Abrasives and Diamond Tool Suppliers

National body representing Swedish abrasive companies


British Abrasives Federation

The British Abrasives Federation represents the major UK manufacturers and suppliers of abrasives


AMTDA -American Machine Tool Distributors Association

Founded in 1925, the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association (AMTDA) is a trade association dedicated to advancing the sales and marketing of machine tools in the United States through the distribution channel.

Coated Abrasives Fabricators Association-CAFA

Covering coated and non-woven product manufacturers.

Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association

Association for the promotion of the use of professional speciality sawing and drilling contractors and their methods.

Industrial Diamond Association of America

Represents the North American superabrasives i.e. diamond and cubic boron nitride industry

International Grooving and Grinding Association (IGGA)

Non profit Trade Association founded in 1972 committed to the development of diamond grinding and grooving process for concrete and asphalt surfaces.

SME - Society of Manufatcuring Engineers

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is the world's leading professional society advancing manufacturing knowledge.

UAMA- Unified Abrasives Manufacturers' Association

The Unified Abrasives Manufacturers’ Association was formed in 1999 from the merging of four predecessor organizations: the Abrasive Grain Association, Coated Abrasives Manufacturers’ Institute, Diamond Wheel Manufacturers’ Institute and the Grinding Wheel Institute.

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