6/9/10 – Rollomatic launches two new products at IMTS 2010

6 September 2010

Rollomatic, a machine tool manufacturer based in Switzerland, is exhibiting a new range of products at IMTS 2010 in September in Chicago, IL.

The manufacturers Virtual Grind software run the multi axis GrindSmart series of tool and cutter grinding machines. Rollomatic Is now launching VGPro, a software program which aims to help operators to facilitate efficiency within a business. Rollomatic’s product press release said the software product to “work at the highest possible speed” and offer “ease-of use and flexibility.”

The VGPro is designed for high-perfomance endmills, including ballnose, corners and tapers. In addition to the new platform, a new 3-dimensional simulator is now embedded in this software.

Rollomatic has also continued development of its ShapeSmart pinch/peel grinder by the addition of a 5-axis grinder.

The new ShapeSmart NP5 is further progress on the Cyndrical Grinding Machine NP4, which is designed and dedicated for cylindrical grinding of carbide, HSS and stainless steel components.

The NP5 utlises the proven method of ‘pinch and peel’ grinding, It includes a fifth axis which facilitates grinding flats and surfaces on cylindrical parts. Pinch grinding offers high concentricity even on long and thin parts. The rough and finish grind are performed in one pass which removes the need for a separate process for finishing and ultimately cuts down production time. The new machine utilises two different grinding wheels running on separate spindles and positioned on independently controlled CNC linear slides.

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